The wait is over!! The time has come!

Start Your Own Tea Practice is officially open!
This 22-day intensive is your ticket into deep connection with yourself, with nature, and most importantly with Tea!

We start April 4. Are you in?

Hello, is it Tea you’re looking for?

If you’re here, the answer is probably YES! Whether you’ve been to a tea ceremony before, been drinking tea recreationally or as a hobbyist, or have seen a pretty picture on Instagram, tea has been calling you to get to know her on a deeper level.

But where to begin?

The answer is right here. I’ve created this introduction to starting your own tea practice at home for people just like you, and to be honest, for people just like me when I first started. If someone hadn’t generously been my guide at the beginning of my tea journey, I wouldn’t have a tea practice today. I had been looking for tea my whole life and even after I found tea ceremony I felt overwhelmed by all of the options.

What do I need?
What tea should I drink?
Am I doing it right?

With a little guidance, this practice goes from overwhelming to absolutely enchanting, and dare I say, downright life-changing. From the wares to the tea to the how-to guidance, this course has everything you need to start a personal, meditative tea practice at home without stressing you out with all of the details.

And on top of all that, this intimate course comes with a community for you to share tea with for the duration and beyond. Tea people are great people and the connections run deep. Tea has introduced me to soul mates, best friends, housemates and beyond. The circle that comes together is going to be a very special one.

What Does it Mean to Start Your Own Tea Practice?

Most of the people who join SYOTP have never been to or even heard of a tea ceremony, so allow me to tell you a little bit more about what we're even doing here...

What is a tea practice?

Quite simply, having a daily tea practice means sitting in meditative silence with tea as a plant medicine—often this happens every day, but of course you can sit with tea as often or as little as you like. In this ritual, you drink many bowls of tea (usually anywhere from 3 to 7+) and connect deeply with the spirit of tea.

Why Tea?

Tea is a beautiful, heart opening plant medicine. She is a powerful and gentle teacher. In ceremonial tea practice we drink what are known as living teas. These are teas cultivated from their natural environments in forests where tea has lived in communion with humans for thousands and thousands of years. So, let’s just say it’s not your average tea. Even the average tea we drink in the world has the power to connect us to others and soothe our souls…so imagine what it’s like to drink tea cultivated with reverence and heart!

In the course I’ll go over more about why tea, but through your unique experience and relationship with tea, the answer to this question will deepen with each bowl you drink.

How will this practice enhance my life?

Sharing tea in ceremony is a practice that will connect you with nature, yourself and your community. As you sit in noble silence with this heart-centered plant medicine you are able to tune inward, uncovering the whispers of your heart and soul. During each sit you will cultivate an awakened sense of presence and harmony.

Tea has the ability to change your life by helping you cultivate an open mind, open heart and bring you into the present moment. For me, tea brings me back to my heart and back to myself every single time, and what a beautiful place that is for me to live from!

What makes this offering unique?

Having grown up in Hong Kong and been around tea my whole life, I have a relationship with tea that goes much deeper than just my time relating to tea as a Dao (way of life). Over the past four years I have studied Cha Dao with my teacher, Wu De, of Global Tea Hut, traveled to Taiwan & China to visit the tea plants and have held ceremonial tea space in my home for ceremony & education.

Over the years I've served tea to hundreds of people and most of them were sitting their first ceremony ever. This has given me a unique perspective and understanding about how to introduce tea to a newcomer and educate them on exactly what we’re doing. This offering was actually born out of the fact that I was already giving away tea and teaware to people who were looking to start their own relationships with tea, but then they needed to learn what to do with them!

Lastly, this course is NOT about connecting to Tea with our minds. It's about reconnecting to Nature with our hearts and shifting our understanding of Tea from beverage to medicine. If you drink tea, you're already a tea our time together we'll dive into exactly what that means & how to reconnect to all that is larger than ourselves.

We will explore all of this through the lenses of Cha Dao, Zen, Bhakti & the Indigenous Nature Ways.

Start Your Own Tea Practice is about remembering what it means to be a human, what it means to be in relationship to all beings and how to live with an open heart.

The Course: Let’s Get Into The Nitty Gritty

The course takes place over 22 days and is a bit of an intensive. We're developing a daily practice, so we go DEEP off the bat and you get tons of support.

Each student receives a tea bowl and a mystery tea prior to the beginning of the course, which is ALL you need to start a practice ( need a kettle too, but everyone has a kettle!)

This round we start on April 4 & end on April 25. We have 4 lectures on Sunday mornings and 8 virtual tea sits throughout our three weeks together.

In addition, we have an active Facebook group with daily support & each student's tea practice is personally reviewed by Mariana.

There are ten VIP spots for people who want 1on1 support from Mariana throughout the course.

Here's the flow

Sunday, April 4 9:00am-12pm MST
Tea class one, focused on how to start a tea practice and the logistics involved. We’ll also have an opening circle and set intentions as a group, and review what a tea practice is and why we’re even doing this!

Monday-Saturday, April 5-10, 8-9am MST
Virtual tea practice with the group. We will sit together and share our tea practices for 30 minutes, then have 30 minutes of sharing and Q&A.

Sunday, April 11 9:00am-12pm MST
Tea class two, focused on how to deepen your relationship with tea. We’ll review what it means to open a channel of practice with tea and different ways to go about cultivating a relationship that is narrow and deep versus shallow and wide. We’ll also talk about how tea can help you deepen your connection to nature & community.

Monday, April 12 6-7pm MST
New Moon tea ceremony

Sunday, April 18 9:00am-12pm MST
In the third class we will talk about tea as a way of life and as a way to be of service in the world. This is called Cha Dao, the Way of Tea. We’ll also explore the ways that we connect with tea as a human from cultural, social & economic perspectives.

Thursday, April 22 6-7pm MST
Earth Day tea ceremony

Sunday, April 25 9:00am-12pm MST
Our last tea class together, we’ll learn how to serve tea to friends & family. The mystery tea is revealed! And we’ll go through all of the ways to continue on your tea journey. We’ll end with a closing circle ❤️


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Upgrade to a VIP Spot!!

This round we're opening up TEN VIP spots for people ready to go deeper into this container! If you are in a big period of transition, KNOW that Tea is going to be your thing, or need any kind of additional support, this is an AMAZING option for you.

You'll get:
  • Unlimited personal voice support from Mariana for the entire course
  • A 1on1 Zoom call with Mariana for her to review your tea practice & answer any and all of your questions
  • 1 LIVE Q&A call with the other VIPs
  • ​A special gift from Mariana!

What people are saying about Start Your Own Tea Practice

"Mariana, thank you for being the most incredible guide, I am so so thankful for the gift that is Start Your Own Tea Practice. This class was everything that I needed and more than I could have possibly imagined when I signed up. Being in the presence of your deeply embodied wisdom and the way in which Tea Spirit flows through you is a transformative experience in itself. Through this practice I have gained an understanding of how I can connect more deeply with nature, with other beings, and with myself that I know will continue to unfold in ever evolving layers for the rest of my life. This is the gift that you offer to everyone who enrolls in SYOTP and I am profoundly grateful for this experience."

-Kristen Wesenberg
"SYOTP opened the doorway for me to slow down, soften and remember. The reverence in which Marianna holds this container and her connection with Tea is deep medicine for us all as we reconnect to our own hearts, ceremony, and Mother Earth. For me, this was a journey home to Soul."

- Kylie McBeath
“This tea course is life changing. I'm so grateful Mariana brought the sacredness of tea into my life. My morning tea practice is like my active meditation. It wakes me up and fills me with such a delightful energy. I've even transformed my living room into a place for tea ceremonies! I am beyond grateful for my new tea journey and highly recommend starting your own tea practice with Mariana."

- Michael Armstrong

“This experience has left me feeling a strong sense of trust. I feel like everything happened in this divine way for Tea to come into my life. It was everything I needed at this moment in time. What I'm taking with me the most is a revived reverence for nature”

- Rachel Brathen 

Let's get into some FAQs

What do I need in order to start my practice?

All you really need is an open heart.

But, if you're asking about what you physically need, it's really just to sign up for SYOTP and get a thermos or kettle for hot water! Everything else is provided in the course. This is about keeping things simple and not overwhelming you as you invite Tea into your life. Just trust your YES and then go with the flow :) Once you join you'll have access to a pre-course video two weeks before the course starts, sharing with you different ways you can start to connect with Tea before we officially begin.

I already have a tea practice–is this course still right for me?

Yes! Start Your Own Tea Practice is great for people who are new to tea, and it's also an amazing way to come back to beginner's mind and deepen your already existing tea practice.

I don't live in the US, can I still join?

Yes!! We've had students join from all over the world. My advice if you live abroad is to sign up ASAP so that we can get your tea and bowl shipped out right away. It's OK if you can't join the course live, all videos are posted soon after the class finishes. Some of the deepest experiences have come from students on the other side of the world who couldn't join live. There is also a $50 additional shipping charge for International students.

What's your favorite part about SYOTP?

Mmmm I love this question!! Honestly, it's that it is different every time. The mystery tea, the group of people who come together, the theme and intentions anchoring the course. I do not prepare much in advance, I just show up and speak from the heart and it is a humbling experience for me each time. I feel so in love with every person who has embarked on this journey. Watching your hearts open & witnessing your unraveling is some serious medicine for me!

Will you offer SYOTP again?

Of course!! This offering is my absolute pride & joy. I'm not sure when I'll offer it again, though, My advice is always to join when the timing FEELS right. This is a decision to be made with your heart first & foremost.
If you are feeling the call now, it's likely because the time is now! If there's something holding you back, DM me on Instagram and let's talk about it!

How long do I get access to the course?

If you can't join the course live, THAT'S TOTALLY OK! Some people can't and it doesn't make their experience any less profound. All class videos are posted onto our online portal soon after they finish and you have access to the course for a full year. Many students go back and rewatch classes and retake the course a few times :)

I instantly felt connected to Mariana. I felt her generosity, authenticity and love towards the practice and how deeply rooted in her it is. As someone who travels a lot for work it matters that I find ways to ground and align wherever I am and I just intuitively felt this would be a practice I would be sitting with as long as I’m physically able to. I loved how introspective the course is and then how open and vulnerable in its shares. The balance was perfect. I went through an instant shift and I don’t say these things lightly. I love waking up and having this practice with myself, with tea and spirit. My heart opens every time and I get excited for the clarity. Most importantly I learned to trust myself. I’m so grateful for Mariana for bringing this to us and am looking forward to the next course with her

- May Calamawy

My intention for this class was for tea to heal my soul and to really be present to what she was bringing into my life and I feel I have done exactly that. I am really blown away at the transformation that's happened for me in such a short amount of time. The healing I have created with Tea has literally transformed my life. It has created so much for me in 22 days. I’m beyond grateful and am really excited to see where my life goes.

- Elizabeth Baxter
I loved connecting with people around the world and getting to see their unique practices. It was really amazing to see everyone connecting with this practice and nature. It was truly incredible

- Heather Jaffe
Here I am a month later, feeling so wildly contained and anchored. I am seeing myself for the first time as a rose–a little bud as she likes to tell me. I ultimately feel that I can trust myself and that my longings are valid and worthy.

- Victoria Gentry
I am blown away by how Tea has changed my life and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. I've had many different spiritual rituals and practices, but tea has simply elevated everything else. It was amazing to learn how to share the magic of tea with others, and the container was so sacred and special. It is so great that this lasts for a lifetime - far beyond the 3 week course! Mariana brings a calming, grounding energy to the practice and really made me feel like I couldn't mess it up - no matter what. 

- Kelly Carlone
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